Show current slice variation

Dear Prismic Devs

The slice variation-feature is great, and it would be even greater if the current variation was directly visible in the content editor.

As it currently is (as far as I can tell), we have to click the "switch variations"-button to get view the state (see images below).

The suggested feature request would therefore be: to add the selected/current variation-name next to the "switch variations"-button so that the content creator doesn't have to memorize a certain field structure or rely on screenshots to distinguish between different component variations when scrolling through a doc.


Hi @kiiim ,

I'm happy to tell you this feature will be included in the release of our new page builder.

If you want to try the ALPHA of the page builder you can join the waiting list to test this on your repo. NOTE: Some features are not yet supported in the new Page Builder, you can see them and sign up here: