[Slice Contest Entry] Subscription Tracking

After working with the slice-machine over the last couple weeks (and being relatively new to it) I found it to be an easy way to set up some common components that could then be modified via the cms. This seem like a great fit for either large teams with both developers and content creators or for developer/designer freelancers that create a page and turn it over to the customer to keep the content updated. I enjoyed creating some slices and a landing page for an idea I have about an app to keep track of subscriptions. I built the app with nextjs and used tailwind to style the components.

github: GitHub - rphuber/subtracked-prismic-sm-contest
storybook: https://blissful-wozniak-6e67b9.netlify.app/
laningpage: https://vigilant-bhaskara-c06bb6.netlify.app/


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Thanks for your submission Ryan, you're in!

Winners will be announced during our product meetup Wednesday and in a later blog post: https://shows.prismic.io/product-meetup