Slices Library Feature Request - Slices saved in library not updating in all Custom Types

Hi there,
I’m building a JAMstack boilerplate for developing Prismic-Nuxt websites.

It’s based on reusable components using Slices across the different Custom Types.

Feature Suggestion
It could be very useful to have a dedicated section for the Slices Library outside Custom Types where I can create/edit Slices and add them where needed in Custom Types.

The problem
Also, I noticed that if I edit a Slice saved to the library inside a Content Type (for example “page”), it doesn’t update automatically the fields in a second Content Type (for example “post”) where the Slice is in use. I should remove the Slice and add it again to get the updated slice.

Does anyone had the same issue? Any suggestion? What do you think about that feature request, it could be useful?

Thank you

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Hi, thanks for sending these suggestions. As you’ve seen, the Slice Library does not automatically update changes to Slices in the library. You’ll need to re-add the slice to your Custom Type after modifying it in the library.

I will let our product team know about this and your other feature request. I’ll also add them to our feature request tracker as possible improvements for the future.

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