Storybook Controls Addon

Greetings! Wondering if there is a way to add Storybook controls as seen here. I've searched the forum here and Googled but no luck. Thanks

Hi Nick,

This currently isn't possible with Slice Machine and Storybook, the equivalent when using Slice Machine is to configure your mock data to test different possible content configurations.

You can also have variations of your components, which can contain different fields or different CSS for example.


This would be a nice feature to add down the road! Anyways, thanks for the quick reply!

Hey Nick,

It's not something we're likely to add with Storybook as we're trying out a more integrated experience for previewing components with mock data. So maybe we can explore this later down the road as part of this. We'll have more updates on what exactly this means soon.


This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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