Tags with Hastag not being removed

this thread is a bit older but I am experiencing the same issue since a while.

I have quite a few tags that do not disappear from the tag list even though it isn't used anymore (neither in published, nor in released or archived).

The problem seems to appear since a month or two. Before that, they automatically disappeared when unused.

Hope you can help me.


Hi Carla,

Welcome to the community!

I'll be happy to help you with this, to debug please provide me with:

  1. the URL of your repository.
  2. the tags that aren't being removed.


Hello Phil,
thank you for your help. The URL is contentcommerce.prismic.io

Here are a few tags that don't disappear - there might be some more:

  • project:gartenforum.de#
  • duftkerze#
  • schreibtischlampe#
  • kaffeemaschine mit mahlwerk#

Many thanks and kind regards,

Hey Carla,

I'm investigating. I'll get back to you when I know more.

Have you seen any other irregularities in your repository?


Hi Phil,
thank you for investigating! No, the tag problem seems to be the only (known) irregularity. Everything else works fine.


Hi Carla,

So for each of these tags there are documents still using them, that's why you're still seeing the tags you can see in the links below the documents still using the tags:


Hi Phil,

the links sent start with contentcommerce-phil.prismic.io - I can't login there.

And when I search for these tags I can't find anything. Neither in published, nor in release or in archived...

I meant the tags with the # (which must have happened as a typo when pressing Enter I guess, but have all been corrected) - So of course "duftkerze" is still in use, but "duftkerze#" isn't.


Thanks, Carla, this is much clearer for me and I can see the issue now. I'm. reporting this to the team to see if I can get more information on why this is happening.

Just an update: I have passed this to the team, but since this is a real edge case for this issue is marked as low priority and won't be fixed right away.

Hi Phil,

thanks for the update. That's fine. In the meantime I found some more tags with the same problem. Will every tag be removed one by one or is it more something like a cache problem (or something else - I don't have a technical background so I actually don't really understand a lot about that) and all unused tags will be removed at once? In case it is important to know all tags where the problem occurs, here is what I found:

Thank you for your support and sorry for the misunderstanding with the #!


Thanks, I've added these to the ticket. I have no information on what the exact problem is yet, once I know more I'll keep you up to date.