Transferring Ownership

A client has decided to move away from using us to manage their Prismic account.
I want to:

  • Make them an owner of the repo
  • remove my card details
  • remove myself as a user
  • downgrade them to a free account (and let them decide if they want more)

if I transfer ownership, I can no longer downgrade or remove my billing details
I can't remove my billing details anyway
I can't downgrade them and remove myself.

How can I get this done asap (before I get billed) - I also have this requirement for more repos in the future

Hello @thejuniperstudio

Thanks for reaching out to us.

This is trickiest transfer of ownership. We can propose you this:

  1. We can remove your Credit card details and number.
  2. You need to ask for a formal transfer ownership. It's docuemented here: Billing - Guides - Prismic

Let me know if you are fine with this proposal.


Hi @Priyanka thank you for your reply.

We have already removed ourselves from one of the clients' accounts, So we now need to downgrade that account and remove my card details for the account ukpropertygroup

Hello @thejuniperstudio

Have you transferred ownership?

Yes, had a call with the client, showed them how to downgrade the plan and checked they are now the account owner. I've asked that they update the card details but would appreciate it if you can remove payment details

Thanks, @thejuniperstudio, for getting back to me. I have asked my dedicated team to remove the CC details. I will let you know once it's done. Thanks.

Hello, @thejuniperstudio I confirm we've removed the Credit Card details. Thanks.

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