Removing/deleting credit card details


i need to transfer the ownership for one of my repositories. However if I do so, the new owner can keep using my connected credit card (happened in the past).

How can I remove my credit card details before transfering ownership. I only find the option to update and change the data, but not removing it nor can i save it without any values.

Thank you!

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I have the same issue with one of my clients website.
I need to transfer the ownership but I can't seem to disconnect my company card before transfer.

How can I do please?

Thank you!

To update your credit card details, you need to log in as the repository owner to the repository. Then you can modify your payment details directly in your repository settings. Learn more here:

We have the same problem but with additional contextual details.

We have a credit card connected to the repo.
We need to transfer the repo. to the client.
The client will archive the service associated with the repo. and does not want to add a new credit card to it at this moment. Especially since it still in our control.
We can't delete the repo. since the service it supports won't work without it. And it might be brought back to active development by the client later.
We were on a Medium plan while developing, now on Free plan for archiving purposes. No payment details needed.

In summary: we can't keep our credit card connected after transferring the repo. to the client and we can't delete the repo.

Can you please look at our case and manually delete the credit card?

Hey @luke.wintter

After you transfer the ownership of the repository we will automatically remove the configured credit card for security reasons. Therefore the new owner will need to update their credit card information if they want to keep their plan.

Ok, great! Thanks!

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It would be great to update your documentation as it states there that you should "delete your credit card details" before transferring ownership: Manage Users - Guides - Prismic which contradicts this answer :wink:

@studio3 you can also find this information in our billing document: