Trouble with multi-language and the UID field

I’m actually attempting this with the uid field and I have a carbon copy of my us page to gb and my gb results are empty

Hi @kevin.reevers, can you send us some more information about your issue? It would be helpful to see the following:

  • The url for your Prismic repository (if you don’t want to share this publically, you can send me a Direct Message)
  • Links to or images of the issue so that we can better understand what you mean.

@kevin.reevers and I handled this in a private message. It turns out that there wasn’t any issues, the wrong UID value was being used to make the query. The confusion came because Prismic saves all previous UID values for a given document.

In this case, there was an old UID value for the main language (en-us) but not for the alternate language version (en-gb). He just needed to update his query to use the current UID value for both documents and everything was working again :grinning:

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This issue has been closed due to inactivity.