Two sites on the same "custom types" platform


We are in the process of building a new product, and want the new product to share the same website “platform” as our existing product.

Want the two sites to share the same custom types and the same frontend implementation (only with some minor branding differences in CSS). Custom types should be “mirrored” across the two sites/ repositories.

Is this a good idea? If yes, what is the best approach to this?


Hello Espen!

It depends on what you need to do. One repository endpoint can be used in different projects. The API is available to whoever has access to it, and you can even use it with different technologies.

But If what you need is to have two projects that have the same Custom type structure but different content, you can clone your entire repository by using the Environments feature. This one is available in Enterprise plans.

This option allows you to clone the entirety of your production repository to a development environment: copying all of the custom types, documents, and assets. The user-base remains independent, ensuring that only the relevant developers and content editors have access to the development environment

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