UID in Japanese is wrong!

Hello -
I created a document with the title “本日もウエル議長が発言”
I see that the UID is “本日もウエル議長か発言”

Can you tell me why is that?

Hi Yossi,

We are aware of this issue. At the moment we don’t properly map special characters into an ansi charset for the UID.

We have been discussing this and it’s not going to be possible for us to support this character in the immediate future. We have plans to support more non-ascii characters at some point, but it’s going to take a lot more planning and time to include these characters and we don’t have the bandwidth for it right now.

The best solution for now is to change the UID and use a 301 redirect in your application from the old URL, so that way you won’t lose any SEO juice.

I know this isn’t ideal, but this issue is a lot more complicated for us to resolve than it may seem on the surface.

I can only apologise that we couldn’t give you a better solution right away.


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