Undefined items in my responses but still display welml

I have a base in php and import a php file in this page and here the article is the file that i importe. When i wathc the file directly all display when but when it is include into the base article page I have "Notice" that's appear and i don't really seem logic because it still display the article well . Here is a screen ’

Could it be because first the page hasn't the response of the api yet ?

It's strange that in local and i the proper page of the page it works but when i include i got problems.

Hello @augustin.v71100

Thanks for posting this to us.

I am not super familiar with PHP, but I can try to debug this with you. To debug, I need your repository URL and GitHub code. You can send these by private message.

I am looking forward to hearing from you back.




Thanks fro you answer.

Its not on github, its online and i take this website back from antoher developper.

All my folders and files of composer are in the folder of files article;

My base base include php file that are the article and those articles are in a folder named "providers" and all the composer files are in this folder, could it be this ?

Hello @augustin.v71100

I am not sure what could be the issue. You can send me Zip file as well. And I nee you Repo url too.



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