URGENT – Media Library Bug: duplicate entries when loading more entries


If i search in our media library (https://vicwebsite2019.prismic.io/medias/?where=everywhere&what=everything&keywords=3D) i get duplicate results when i scroll to the bottom of the page and the rest of the assets are loaded.

I checked with an image that i know was uploaded only once. It is being shown twice. I tested by adding a note to one of the two entries. This note is the also shown in the other list entry, verifying that is the exact same element.

This is a problem because editors could get the wrong idea, that there are redundant copies of images that need to be deleted. It’s very important for us, that this is fixed!

Hi Matthias,

I believe this issue is related to this one:

I think the issue is the network looking at the log and giving the wrong information. I’ve passed this to the dev team and hopefully they can figure out what’s going wrong or at least resolve this occurrence for you.

Once we have an update we’ll contact you here.


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