Urgent: Nuxt 2 sites + rate limit required updates

I've emailed support email address about this urgent issue but haven't received a reply in a week.

I recently received notifications about required changes around rate limits for the Public Content API for my three of my repositories (please ask me if you need the repo names).

I’ve been trying to install the @prismicio/client update to 7.2.0 to the the Nuxt 2 sites powering these projects.

However, the Nuxt 2 version of the @nuxtjs/prismic (1.4.2) depends on an earlier version 4 or 5 of the @prismicio/client library, and the site doesn’t work locally in dev if I try installing 7.2.0 as well.

Please can you offer some advice here? I am using the CDN endpoint in the sm.json file for all three projects, so I’m not sure why this rate limit is being hit.

These are all active client live websites - please can somebody get back to me urgently on what I can do to mitigate any issues here? The deadline is September 30 and I don't want the sites to stop working.

Hello Team,
My project is currently using Nuxt2 @nuxtjs/prismic v1.4.2 and I've got a email that we should update @prismicio/client to v7.2.0 from prismic before September 30th.

Q1. Does @nuxt/prismic v3.X support v2 ?
Q2. Should I update @nuxt/prismic to version up @prismicio/client to v7.2.0 ?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Everyone,

The team discussed this issue and decided we'll back-port the retrying feature from @prismicio/client v7 to v5. Doing so will remove the need to update to Nuxt 3 for anyone using Nuxt 2, thus solving this issue.

We're aiming for the start of next week to have it released. I'll have the team update you here when this is done.



Great news - thank you for the update Phil.

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Hey everyone,

We released new versions of @prismicio/client v5 and v6 that include automatic rate-limited retrying.

We still recommend upgrading to @prismicio/client v7 and the latest versions of your frameworks, but we understand not everyone has the time to dedicate to such an upgrade.

Please note that v5 and v6 no longer receive updates except in special circumstances, like this one.

Nuxt 2 projects

Update @prismicio/client to the latest v5 version:

npm update @prismicio/client@latest-v5

@prismicio/client v6 projects

Install the latest @prismicio/client v6:

npm install @prismicio/client@latest-v6

@prismicio/client v7 projects

Install the latest @prismicio/client v7:

npm install @prismicio/client@latest

If you run into any issues updating, please reply here. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello! I have a issue on my Nuxt2 project when I update by using npm update @prismicio/client@latest-v5 command

@prismicio/vue/components/common in ./.nuxt/prismic/plugins/prismic-components.js

To install it, you can run: npm install --save @prismicio/vue/components/common

Installed package: "@nuxtjs/prismic": "1.4.2",

Can you try running this also?

npm install @prismicio/vue@^2

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Thanks it works! Sorry for late response

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What version of @prismicio/helpers is compatible with Nuxt 2? Or do we need to stay on the prismic-dom package for Nuxt 2?

Hi Guus,

There's no need to install @prismicio/helpers separately with @prismicio/nuxt, all the necessary components are included in the package.

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For anyone who comes to this topic with similar problems. @nuxtjs/prismic version 1.4.3 still uses the prismic-dom package. In case you are using a custom implementation of the html serializer.

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