Use Slice machine in combination with old workflow


Me and my team are just starting to use Prismic as our headless cms choice for our own site and client sites. We've tried Prismic in the past, but before Slice machine was in beta.

I've tried out a Slice machine project and it works like a charm - I just have one question. Can I use it alongside the old workflow? Like creating slices in both the dashboard and in the local development workflow? I was mainly thinking of not using Slice machine since it doesn't support content relationship at the moment.

There are quite a few extra steps you have to take if you don't chose to include the Slice machine workflow (link resolver, html serializer etc..) which causes an overhead that would be nice to avoid.

Thanks for the awesome product. Looking forward to seeing you grow!

Hey, welcome to the Prismic forum, and thanks for sharing your use case!

We're putting a lot of effort into pushing Slice Machine out of beta, as we have had great feedback from the community. We are currently developing a new Custom Type Builder. This will be helpful for use cases like yours, mixing Slice machine with the traditional way of creating Custom types!

If you want, I can share the instructions on how to get up and running with the alpha version. And also, if do do try it out you can share any ideas or feedback on the RFC for the Custom Type builder:

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Yes, I would love to try out the alpha version. Would you recommend not to use the alpha version on a production site at the moment?

Didn't hear back from you yet. Did you get my response here?

Hey, sorry for the delay.

We can't say that it's suitable for a production site just yet, even though we've seen quite a few different projects that are using it in their live projects.

The main reason is that it was missing some key features, like Content Relationship fields. With the introduction of this alpha release, the new Custom Type builder allows you to model your types locally, thus allowing you to link your documents with Content Relationship fields!

So, it is still a work in progress, but we're definitely getting closer to the point where we can officially recommend using Slice machine as a production-ready solution.

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