What happens if I hit the API calls limit, plus more

Hi everyone.

I wrote a website for a company which is currently on the Small plan, which allows us to make up to 4m API calls.

I noticed last month that we were close to 4m API calls, or around 3.7m. What happens if we hit the limit, will all images and content just magically stop working? Is there a way to have it like the bandwidth limit, so that we pay for the extra usage? This is really worrying and we can´t afford the Medium plan since the pricing is very steep.

All of the pages and articles are cached with NextJS so the content fetch should happen rarely, but the website has a lot of images so I imagine there will be a lot of client-side API calls to fetch media, or does that not count towards the API calls?

Thank you.

Hey @icewolfy,

If you exceed the limit, you will automatically get upgraded to the next tier.

If you're making client-side calls to fetch media, then yes, that will count towards your API usage.

I hope that helps.


On a monthly basis right?

Hi Manuel,

We upgrade monthly plans if the repo exceeds one of the limits in the past month.

For yearly plans, we upgrade the repo if it goes above limits for the last 3 consecutive months before the renewal. The repo is upgraded to the minimum required plan for which it went above its limit in the past 3 months.