White Label and repositories by clients

I have a possible client that could use Prismic but they would need it to be white label and will have different clients accessing the platform but each client should only see their content specifically. Is this possible? Or can we create a white label environment with many repos, one for each client?

Hey @coderockr,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

At the moment, there is no way to white label the Writing Room or hide the content from other contributors on the repository.

We'd usually recommend creating a separate repository for each client in this case.

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Good question! @Simon , Is there any plans on white labeling for the future? I've also had some clients that would like to white label the CMS. I think there's another posible competitor advantage for Prismic, even now that there's a surge for white labeling in the industry.

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I would agree with the others. I had a client who wanted this and would have liked to use Prismic, but had to tell them to use another software (Wordpress in that case) to do this.

If the project budget was higher, I could have started work and try to create multiple repositories etc, but the overhead was too big for their budget.

If there was a white label feature, I could have recommended them Prismic.

Hey @agnelnieves and @Kris,

Thanks for the feedback. I've passed it over to the team.

Currently, implementation of white labeling is not on our roadmap. If anything changes or team would need more info - this thread will be updated: Limiting user roles to a content type - #4 by lward