Wrong Github Email Associated with my Account

The incorrect email address is showing for my account, which I authenticate with GitHub. I have never switched owners of the repo.

I have never changed the email I use to access Prismic, or the GitHub account I use to access Prismic. I'd like to verify the correct GitHub account is being used for authentication to Prismic, and confirm that the email address I started with, mbritton72@gmail.com, is the only email address currently attached to this account.

Hi @michael.britton. I took a quick look and didn't see a prismic account associated with this email: mbritton72@gmail.com.

I suggest submitting a ticket about this via our support portal:

Thanks, I'll submit a ticket.

I used Github authentication when I started my project. mbritton72@gmail.com is my primary Github email. This email is not associated with my account anymore, and I need it to be because the email now associated with my account is from a Github account associated with a previous employer. Unfortunately, I can't log into the support portal now because the Github primary email is incorrect. So we have a kind of catch-22 where I'm unable to do anything.

I need this email to be mbritton72@gmail.com. That is the email I started with. I suspect what happened is I authenticated with Github from Slice Machine while logged into my work Github account.