A few requests for Media Library

Feature Idea (one per thread):
Better Media Library tools: My clients very much miss features like:

  • Searching for specific filename, extension (like mp3, mp4).
  • Sorting by date, name, size, type etc.
  • Bulk deletion, select a bunch of images to delete.
  • Seeing which images are currently used in documents. This would help delete old files.
  • Creating folders to put images into, to create better overview.

Issue that it solves:

  • This is the number one reason some of my clients are hesitant to use Prismic. The users working in Prismic every day to update websites, need better UX and tools, we sometimes overlook that in our developer to developer approach.

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):


Thanks for all your feedback, @MichaelVestergaard. We highly appreciate it!

We already have a few similar open requests for the Media Library. Please like the original posts to show your interest in the features:

Thanks will do. But these posts are years old - is this something you are seriously considering? Because I would have thought this was something you prioritized, because it's really an important selling point for agencies/freelancers like myself. Since I started using Prismic I have requested this, and all my clients mention this as the biggest downside for moving to Prismic. It would seem like a fairly easy subject to improve without impacting data structure of existing repositories.

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Everything new feature idea is challenging and interesting but we try to prioritize the features by the level of demand and need of our users. You can always keep a close eye on what's new on our progress page. Here you can see everything we are constantly working on:

Thanks, I totally respect that. I'm just wondering if you hear from all these users - that's also why I speak up, because my clients would never write to you directly, they are just telling me when they are frustrated about something.
I think many headless cms providers focus a lot on the developer side, and maybe too little on the end user experience. Not pointing fingers at you or anything, I just think there are "easy money" to make here by making these end users happy :slight_smile:


Just a fun coincidence: today I received an email from a new client who just started using Prismic, they only had one request: "is there a way to create folders within the media library" - all my clients request this at some point.

Hey Michael, happy to see you here :slight_smile:
Yeah we've received a lot of feedback about the Media Library. We are currently redoing the whole Editing experience, Media Library included. So I'm sending this thread internally to our product designer and product manager, so it's great time, to put this under their radar.
Major improvements to the editing experience are coming and are being implemented at the moment. I understand your impatience to see progress there, it's coming :smiley: !

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Have been suggesting these changes to Prismic team for a long time now. Hopefully we would see some progress this year.

Hello @shyamal890

Thanks for supporting this feature.

As my colleague, Nouha mentioned, We are currently redoing the whole Editing experience, Media Library included. And she has already sent this information to our product designer. This is something I would like to see, and we have already been tracking it as a feature request.


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Hi Michael, i absolutely second everything you are saying here. Maybe Prismic's customer success team could make an active survey with customers on which features are most urgently needed. The improvements you suggested in your original post are basically all at the top of my wish list of improvements.

Also; it would be crucial to see in a media asset in which contents it is used!

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