Better features to organise the Media Library, for examples via folders

Feature Idea:
We are working with a complex product and our media library is used daily by various people, and contains a very large number of assets. Even though we have strict naming conventions and add notes meticulously to each asset, the search functionalities are limited and it is hard to find what we need.
Private Notes is the only place we can enter keywords to filter the search.
It would be so helpful to have a 'labels' feature in the library, or even better, to have folders.

Issue that it solves:
Would increase efficiency, save a lot of time, and improve the Prismic UX.

Thanks for opening the discussion about this. We're currently discussing how we will kick off the alignment for upgrading the Media Library functionality (understand how users want to categorize/sort media). So you can be sure this is a work in progress.

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