Add "..." to the end of the "publish" and "unpublish" buttons

This is something I requested probably 5 or more years ago. Every time I come back to Prismic and I need to find my way around again, it bothers me again.

I'm prompted to raise this again now in particular because yesterday one of my clients said that they were "afraid" to push a particular button in the Prismic UI, and they were seeking reassurance that it would do what they thought, and not what they feared it might.

The issue is that some of the controls immediately take an action, and others do not. "Publish" and "Unpublish" sound like they're going to perform their action immediately, but they do not. If an change is of particularly large magnitude, I myself (and I'm learning now that my client too) have been given pause, and searched around the UI for the "publish in a release" option, not quite remembering where it is.

Of course it turns out that it's in a submenu we get once we click "publish".

You can avoid this uncertainty in your UI very very easily, just by changing the button text to "Publish..." and "Unpublish...".

You should also seek out other places where a similar change should apply.

Hey @bart,

Thanks for this feedback — it's really helpful. We're in the processing of reimagining the editor, and this is exactly the kind of thing we need to consider. I'll share this feedback with the design team :slight_smile:


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