[BUG] New Page Builder & Media Library

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I've experienced 2 Bugs (1 with the new AI Translation Feature & 1 with the Media Library).

AI Translation Feature Bug:
If I translate a document into a Locale that is not an official ISO standard locale (e.g. instead of en-GB it is en-XF) the translations don't work at all and end up creating a weird copy of the same text.

Media Library Bug:
If I go into the Media Library and switch back to the Main Menu, I always end up in the English-US Locale, even though it was not open before and it's not our main language. It seems to be some sort of default it just goes to for some reason?

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AI Translation & Media Library

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

Issue is not super impactful so I just make sure I switch back to the language I was before when exiting the Media Library and I won't use the AI Translation feature for some of our weird locales

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Product Owner (Managing all translations in Prismic)

Hi @matthias.ackeret , thanks for raising these issues. I'll pass them onto the team and update this thread when we have a resolution.