[Bug] Page builder and accidently deleting slices

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I was attempting to duplicate the last slice in the list by using the 3 dot menu below it. Sometimes, if all the windows are scrolled right to the bottom, when you open the menu it will immediately "delete" the slice you are attempting to open the menu for, rather than just opening the menu.

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New Page Builder

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It's avoidable, but if I forget about it it's annoying to accidently delete what I'm working on


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Shared a loom video to help showcase what I'm experiencing

Hi @marleyb , thanks for reporting the issue. However, I'm having trouble replicating on my side. Would you mind sending me a DM with the name of the repo and page where you are experiencing the problem?

Hi @guy.proops,

Done for you!


Thanks, @marleyb . I'm looking now and will get back to you when I have more information.


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