Bug: Updating a slice icon deletes all slice fields

I created a slice using the prismic ui and added about 5 fields and saved the slice. After clicking the gear icon on the slice, I then selected a new icon and hit validate, which ended up deleting all my slice fields.

Hi Jibin,

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Can you reproduce the issue once again? If so, can you please share a screen recording or at least a screenshot of the behavior?

Also, I would need your repository name to investigate further.

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I'm able to reproduce the issue and have attached the video in a zip file

My repo name is salutay.prismic.io

bugrecording.zip (208.3 KB)

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Hello, @jibin thanks for sending over the recording and repo name. I'm going to take over the conversation since Fares is away for the moment.

We've added this issue to the dev team's backlog. However, this is a task that will not be contemplated to be solved soon. If there is any change about this, we will inform you all in this same thread.

Thanks for your understanding.