Logs for historical edits to slices

Hi Team -

Our client ran into a major issue this week (week of 07/20/2020) where an important key text field disappeared from a slice and we are trying to determine how this occurred. The underlying assumption is as follows:

  1. A developer with access accidentally deleted the field from the slice. There are doubts regarding this reason as there were no tasks in progress that would have required a developer editing that particular slice.

  2. There was a bug/error within Prismic that caused this field to disappear.

Looking through the document history was not helpful since the field did not appear in any version of previous publishes. We know for certain, however, that this field was there with content - we added the key text field back to the slice and the original copy automatically populated into the newly re-created field.

This is unacceptable to upper management as their website is a critical element of their marketing, and, if this was an unintentional error by a developer, we will need to change processes to ensure that this does not occur again.

In this vein - is the Prismic team aware of a way to see the history/timestamps for edits to a slice? Or, is the team aware of any recent update or bug that would cause this to happen?

Key Information:
Document: Sub-Region
Slice: card_with_fact
Key Text Field impacted: text_blurb

Your help and insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the community!

I’ll be happy to investigate this for you.

Can you share with me the URL of your repository so that I can look in to this. You can send it to me in a private message here if you don’t feel comfortable sharing it.


Hi Andrew,

Sorry about the delay in the reply.

We checked our logs and there is no sign of errors for your repository on that date and nothing to suggest any changes on this side.

This would suggest this was a user error in the repository and from past experience this has always turned out to be the case. There are 7 users with this level of permissions on the repo, though we don’t keep any records of historical edits to the custom types, so there is no way to determine what might have happened on your end.

Fortunately you were able to retrieve the data by replacing the deleted field, replacing the field exactly like this is the best course of action when a custom type has been accidentally edited. Though if any documents are published after the custom type change, then retrieving the data won’t be possible.

My suggestion would be to change the permissions levels on the repository so that there is only one admin and one owner. This would limit access to the custom types and protect against future errors.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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