Cannot activate my webhooks

I cannot activate my webhooks in settings >> webhooks. I am doing it by changing the On/Off-Slider to On.
Once I come back to this settings page. The webhooks sliders are again on Off.

What are the possible causes for it? How can I then activate the webhooks?

Hi Stefan,

Well, Prismic Webhooks feature available to every user, so there is no activation from our side required.

To debug this issue, can you please share your repository name with us (In a private message if necessary).

It would be also useful if you can share with us a screen recording of the behavior that you have described.

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi Fares,
The name of the repository is "Fincraft".
I try to activate these two webhooks:

Thanks for sharing those informations, I've checked our logs and I didn't find any errosr related to this.

So I will escalate this issue to your dev team and we will reach back to you once we have any updates.

Any news from your side in the meantime??


There are no updates yet from our dev team and I will request our dev team to prioritize this issue.

Same issue here Webhooks Problem - #3 by Fares

Hi Stefan,

If you are a developer on this project, can you please check your browser console logs for any errors when you toggle the activate/deactivate switch?

Hi, this is happening on all of our repos, but you can look at 'wilder-carbon' as an example.

I get the following in my console log...

@thejuniperstudio can you please copy the full error, you can copy the request content in the Network tab.

@Fares does this help?

In fact what I meant is to copy the response like this

The response from the erroring request is: {"headers":["This field is required"]}

Thanks, @thejuniperstudio . I've shared that error message with our dev team. They're looking into this.

There are no errors in the console log

Hey @cms and @thejuniperstudio ,

I haven't gotten a resolution for this yet, but I wanted to let you know that I'm checking in with the dev team to see where this stands, and I'll give you an update in a few days.


Thank you for your message, Sam.
In the meantime, I exchanged the configuration of the webhooks in order to trigger the changes to the production, which is of course far more important...
The problem remains the same though: only one of the webhooks is active, and the others cannot be enabled.

Hi @cms ,

Just to let you know: the dev team is working on this. I'll let you know when I have more info :slight_smile:


I am also experiencing this issue. When you toggle the status the XHR request returns a 400 response with the payload {"headers":["This field is required"]}. and the status is not updated.

I ended up temporarily disabling builds in Netlify instead.

I am also having the same issue as @tim6, with the same response payload. Manually triggering a build works fine.

Can we get an update on this? My client is a paying customer and would like to know when they can toggle build on certain events back on, instead of having to do a manual trigger each time.

Thanks in advance!