Changes made in Prismic interface is not reflecting in Prismic API call response

There was a change of bundle name for Swedaen (SE) in prismic from “sku00000003-SE-QP22050-m-6m-ReplOnly” to “sku00000003-SE-QP22050-6m-6m-ReplOnly”. But still it is

returning key as “sku00000003-SE-QP22050-m-6m-ReplOnly” instead of “sku00000003-SE-QP22050-6m-6m-ReplOnly” from prismic.

Hello @partner.vineesh.madh

Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for reaching out to us.

As soon as you change the content in Prismic, Master Ref also changes which retrieve the published content only. Are you querying the API with the current Master Ref? Can you also see the changes appearing in the Prismic API browser by hitting your repo URL like this: (change your-repo-name with actual repo name). To get the current Master Ref content, you need to refresh the API browser.

I am looking forward to hearing from you back.