Contribution guide for slicemachine

I've forked the slicemachine repository and ran npm install. I've tried to do npm run dev but Ii feel like I'm missing something to start developing to contribute to slicemachine. I also tried running npm run build:essential before running dev, but that doesn't change anything.

The repository is missing a file that outlines how we can help to develop features and fix bugs. Could this guide be added, or can someone explain how I can start contributing?

Thanks for your contribution @gijs.

For anyone else finding this thread. The team added a new script to be able to contribute more easily.

Clone slicemachine

git clone

Install dependencies

cd slice-machine
npm install

Run dev script from the root folder

npm run dev

Run slicemachine:dev script from the e2e/next folder:

cd e2e-projects/next
npm run slicemachine:dev