Create new user loop

I have a user that says “pending” on my admin dashboard, but she cannot create an account - it says “USER@DOMAIN” already has an account.

I’ve tried removing her and re-adding and the “forgot password” link and nothing seems to work.

I was able to add other people to our repo, just not this one user.
Please help.

Hey Alan!

Does this team member created a Prismic account before you sent the first invite?

If you keep having this issue send me the email of the new user and the URL of the repository in a private message.

She might have been part of a different repo.
What’s the best way to email you her email address?

Just click on my User icon and then click on message!

Just adding a heads up about this if you ever encounter this issue again.

The message is saying that the URL is expired, similar to this one:

Happens because our token for reset password expires after some time so when trying to log in you'll need to do the process quickly without waiting too long for the email to come