Dansrose Hub Membership Platform

Dansrose Hub is a Membership platform for artists and creatives to learn how to secure industry deals and start their own business. The platform uses the full power of prismic slices and document relationships to power the single page web app. Homepage is constructed using slices and slice zone whereas the hub itself uses prismic documents and relationships to construct the dynamic paths and navigation system around programmes, courses, and lessons. All content is hosted on Prismic while a supabase postgres database keeps track of user comments and progress on each course/lesson.

  • Time to Complete: 6 Months

  • Technologies used: Nextjs, Prismic, Stripe, Azure Storage, Supabase, Zoom & Eventbrite Integrations

  • URL: https://www.dansrose.com

  • Access: Want to login to the platform to check it out? PM me to receive a demo username and password.


:raised_hands: Congrats on launching! Sounds like a complex project.


Thanks for sharing and the project looks great!


Ali!!! It's wonderful to see you, and this is even more impressive than I remembered. Great work, man. Such a great use of a bunch of great tech.

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Hey Alex!!!! It’s great to see you too here. Small world. And thank you for the kind words… would love to be more involved with the community and hang out with you guys. Let me know when you and the team are meeting up in London

Thank you Angelo! I found the stripe integration with webhooks the most complex parts and managing document relationships with complex predicate queries