Does pushing slices to prismic from Slice Machine immediately update production

Hi there,

Could someone help me understand what happens when we push slice updates to Prismic from Slice Machine, and the impact it has on production? Let's say I have a slice in my shared slice library that is being used in production across a number of custom types. When I make edits to that slice locally from Slice Machine, like removing a field for example, and then push to prismic from Slice Machine. Will this immediately update production because the model for the slice has changed in prismic? Or do I need to go into Prismic, and confirm those changes somewhere? Or will the changes only take effect when I merge my code into production. I think I'm confused on what's going on behind the scenes when I push my changes to prismic from Slice Machine.
Ultimately, I'm trying to ensure that I'm safeguarding against developers making local slice updates and pushing those changes directly to production.
Thanks for your help!

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your contributions to the Prismic community.

In fact, you need to distinguish 2 things, your website code and your content (including the custom types).

So when you push content from Slice Machine, nothing will happen to the published content, but changes will be applied once you unpublish and publish again the related documents.

And in case you have pushed, let's say, some wrong changes, you can roll back to a previous commit in your local project and push again to your Prismic repository, and everything will get back to the initial state.

But that also depends on your implementation, for example, if you have an integration with some CI/CD tools to deploy your code to your website.

Please let me know if you have other inquires.

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