Error while saving your change - Click to retry

Hi all,
We have a problem when we try to save our change on a existent page or to create a new.
Any issues ?


it's working on your side ? We have try on 2 different browser and we have the same problem. Can't save our existing page.... Or create a new page..

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same problem, just can't save any changes on any page.

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Thanks. I'm not alone :+1:

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Just posted a similar issue, I might have the same problem


Me too, same problem in last 50 minutes

Resolved I think....

Hi there,

We've got a confirmation from our DevOps team that this issue has been fixed.

Please let us know if the problem wasn't fixed for you,

I am now receiving the same issue.

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Hi Patrick,

We have done some changes recently, do you still have the issue?

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Hello everyone.

We have found that there are many reasons why this error can be triggered, such as having a slow connection or when a default value in a field is set up to 0. This triggers a global behavior that the backend doesn't expect. Soon, this last one won't be considered an error anymore, but in the meantime, this value will need to be removed from the custom type that has it and also update the document.

If you encounter this issue, please make sure you share with us the following information.

  1. URL of your repository
  2. Browser that you're using
  3. Steps to reproduce the issue
  4. Any videos or screen recordings of the error
  5. Any logs that may appear in the console, if any