Error while saving

If you encounter this issue, please make sure you share with us the following information.

  1. URL of your repository
  2. Browser that you're using
    Brave & Chrome
  3. Steps to reproduce the issue
    We only try to change content on our "Studio" page and when we try to save we get this error
  4. Any videos or screen recordings of the error

  1. Any logs that may appear in the console, if any
    Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 10.58.27

I am experiencing this error on one of my repositories. The information is below:

  2. Chrome
  3. I make a change to a published, or unpublished page. This can be any change, from text, to an image or video. Clicking save will produce a 400 error in chrome devtools, and displays the "Error while saving your changes - Click to retry" in the button in Prismic. I have also tried in incognito to remove the possibility of browser extensions, however this produces the same results.
  4. Video producing the error.

Hi @victorthevictoriousv and @kolbykruger

Thanks for reaching out.

I have been able to reproduce the issue and I have created an issue regarding this in our tracker and I will let you in case of any updates.


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The issue should be fixed, can you please confirm?

Yeah seems too work! Thanks for the fast support you guys! nicely done!

Working for me! Thank you for the quick turn around!

Perfect, thanks everyone for letting us know.