Gatsby Getting Started Tutorial - Invalid Content Signature for your theme

Attempting to follow this tutorial: Gatsby Tutorial. 1. Launch the project - Prismic

I execute the following command from step 1: npx prismic-cli theme --theme-url GitHub - prismicio/gatsby-getting-started-tutorial: A simple tutorial project to get started with Prismic & Gatsby.js --ignore-conf

I am presented with the following error, and the prismic repo is never created in my dashboard: creating prismic repository... Invalid content signature for your theme.

I did this tutorial about a week ago and did not have this issue.

Hi Brandon,

Welcome to the community!

I was able to recreate your issue on my side, so I'm bringing this to the team to find out more.

Thanks for pointing this out.

OK, the team is aware also, we're looking into it.

Hi Brandon,

Can you try again it should be working now.