Import debugging / error handling

Hey there

When imorting documents, it can sometimes be hard to figure out what the importer is complaining about. Sometimes there are errors or warnings, with no indication of what the problem is.

I have an example right here:

“Unable to find a” – not sure what this means…

also when viewing there is no indication of what the problem might be.

any ideas?

Hello, at first glance I’m not able to see what could be wrong with the import. Can you send me the URL of your repo in a private message?

Hey Paulina

I’m unable to find the message I sent to you. I just want to confirm whether or not you did receive the PM

edit: nm, i found the sent message :slight_smile:

[Solution] The errors that the import it's making were related to how images are passed. Some of the URL's are corrupted/broken/empty. The import needs to find valid Image files.

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