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Translations for repositories

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It is hard to select the best headless CMS, but i found it. The name of it is Prismic, for me it is the best headless CMS. But there is one issue, the pages i am doing, i am not doing for myself. I am doing it for my clients / customers from Poland, part of them doesn't know english and even as tiny text as in the repositories are hard for them. Do you consider of internationalize the interface? It would be a huuuge positive for customers from my country.
Or allow community to create their own translations for their national languages, it would be not hard. It would be pretty handy for a lot of customers / writers in my opinion

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Hello @zilibdev, thanks for reaching out!

Even if an automatic translator isn't built in Prismic, this doesn't mean that you can add localization to your documents or the interface!

You can use a translator for the browser for the builder. And for the documents, you can add multiple languages to your repository. Then, to manage your document's translations, you can either write the content from scratch or copy the content from other locales and then, use a translator (e.g., Google translate, Reverso Context), to add the proper translations per document.

Ouh, it wasn't on my mind. I have different opinion. Maybe my english is not pretty good, so i show you result which i would like to have on the prismic repository page

In my opinion, international repository is pretty cool feature for Gatsby clients. A part of my customers even doesn't know,the most easiest words in the english. And for them, CMS in their national language is very important

Oh, ok, If it's only the UI which concerns you, the best workaround, for now, would be to use an extension for your browser that automatically translated the page. I've seen cases where users say it works very well with their repository's writing room!

This involves asking everyone in your team to download a specific extension to their browsers which adds an extra step to the user experience when using Prismic. So, I understand why such built-in functionality would come in handy. I'll mark your post as an open feature request for future improvements.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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