Payment card to monthly/yearly invoices

Hi there, is there a chance to change the payment from payment card to monthly/yearly incoices? So, you would be issuing an invoice which we pay, no payment card needed.

Thanks, JP

Hi @jaroslav.psenicka
Thanks for reaching out; I will check with our Billing team and get back to you.

Hi @jaroslav.psenicka

We are not sure we understood your request, you don't want to pay with a credit card, and you want to get an invoice and then pay it manually?

How will you pay for that invoice?
It all depends on the plan you have, which is probably not available for self-service plans.

hi Fares,

thank you for your reply, let me explain.

We are using Prismic for a little print shop presentation. The owner has one account and one payment card, currently registered as a Prismic payment method. All works fine and payments are accurate and as agreed.

However, the bank advisor is suspicious and recommends switching to some "more secure" payment method, if possible. So, if we can initiate the SEPA payment and pay from the company account to your account instead of you withdrawing money from the account/card, that would be great. Some sort of invoice will be needed I am afraid, once received, we make the payment. We may switch to yearly payments to reduce the hassle, if it helps.

Thank you,


Hello @jaroslav.psenicka, If you’re on one of the Community plans ( Starter / Small / Medium), a credit-card is the unique payment method available, both for monthly and yearly paid plans.

On our Enterprise plans, we support integration with your procurement processes. Payment by bank transfer is possible.