Pingdom logging timeouts

Hello and happy Monday!

We have pingdom setup to detect when our site is down, and it's logging quite regularly a timeout, we have checked the site and it's working/up and the Prismic API is also up and responsive. We're unsure what the problem is?

Pingdom is getting a timeout requesting the site (Pingdom only waits 5 seconds). During the same time periods the Node app is logging timeouts between it and Prismic.

Please advise/pointers.

Thank you kindly

2022-01-30T16:07:55.418104587Z  ERROR  request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

Hi Jake,

Good to see you.

Can you tell me if your website application is using any caching? Specifically on the master ref? It's usually the cause of issues like this.


Hey Phil,

Ok thank you, this rings a bell with one of our setups, so will investigate and let you know if this fixes it.


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