Please add a "blockquote" block to the rich text field

Please add a blockquote block to the rich text field.

I'm really surprised it doesn't already exist, given how common it is to have pullquotes and the like in blog posts.

I know that I can add custom labels and apply a "blockquote" label to a paragraph, but this comes with various drawbacks:

  • It's not a good developer experience. I need to write a custom HTML serializer to turn the output of this into semantic HTML.
  • It's not a good content editor experience. The labels feature suffers from poor UI. There's nothing stopping a user from adding the blockquote label to a span rather than to a paragraph, which would be invalid. It's not obvious after adding the label that it's there.

My current workaround is to provide a custom slice just for blockquotes. This is fine for content types where I have a slicezone for running rich text anyway, but sometimes I want to allow arbitrary rich text including blockquotes in an area where a slicezone doesn't make sense to have, or where a slicezone exists but is for a difference purpose.


Yes, including blockquotes and much more editing options is something we have had in mind for a while now and we're planning to do so in the future. We want to do an overhaul to the Rich text field. We've. already talked about this before in other threads, like this one:

I'll mark your post as a feature request as well


Thanks. Good to hear.

I did see some of those threads, but I couldn't add my voice since they're all closed!

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I can vouch for this need as well. I've been wading through docs and reading this issue, and I can create a label and style it accordingly, but the problem is with the way the data is returned from the API.

A basic and classic use case is a blockquote that contains multiple paragraphs. In standard HTML, you would put the <blockquote> tag (which, very ironically, is available in the editor in which I'm writing this comment) before the entire block of paragraphs, and the closing <blockquote> tag after the last paragraph. However, when using a label on multiple paragraphs, each paragraph is returned as a separate paragraph with a separate class, so instead of being able to target and style one large block, you have to target each individual paragraph and try to style it in a way that makes it look like one large block. Very frustrating, especially on a blog site where I do lots of quoting.

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This is being tracked as an open feature request.

If you have another use-case for this feature, you can 'Flag' this topic to reopen. Please use the :heart: button to show your support for the feature and check out our Feature Request Guidelines.