Poor image search

Image library has a poor image search. even if you type in the exact name of a file, it sometimes does not find the specified image. as we reuse a lot of images in different landing pages, this becomes a hassle as there is no easy way to find something that was used before, meaning we will most likely re-upload the image, and the library becomes messy and heavy.


I would like to add, that we are using Private Notes section to create tags, but this not working with big scale project.

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Hello @gabi1 and @juskeviciusarn, thanks for the feedback. I'll share your opinions with the product team.

For the moment there are no active plans to modify the search functionality of the Media Library search. Private notes metadata is still the best option to browser and filter files:

Search functionality has also been a big problem for me and my clients. It's unfortunate that Prismic hasn't taken action on this since it was flagged in 2020 and doesn't have plans to act on this at the moment.

This lack of functionality impacts customers every day in every repository which has more than 100 images in their repo (which is pretty much every single production website out there)


Hello @Pau ,

Is there a possibility to contribute to this part of prismic?

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We understand the concern. All use cases are very useful to help the feature request gain more relevance. For the moment this is not something that we are planning to have in the next quarter.
We might have progress on that this year, but nothing concrete yet.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll add your comments and ideas to the open feature request.