BUG: Problems with using filter search from the Media Library page

I have identified a problem with how the filter search works for Media tags. Below is an example of trying to find a specific image by filename using the filter search in the media library.

  1. For our only repository, go to the Media Libray
  2. Perform a filter search for: CaringHandsDay_reschedule_NL_1100.jpg

When you follow these steps, no image is returned. If I modify the search to only “Caring” many images are returned, but not the one I need. If I leave the filter search empty and just scroll through the the library, the image can be found.

I also tried searching by “CaringHands” and again, several images are returned but not the one I need. However, if I search for “CaringHandsDay” the image is found. There are several images in this series, and this search returns them all. The specifc filename referenced in this example is a banner style image that mentions “rescheduled for July 11th” in the artwork.

If I remove or add a single character in the filename from the filter search of “CaringHandsDay”, the images are not found. That means if you search “CaringHandsDa” (without the ‘y’) or “CaringHandsDay_” (with the underscore) nothing returns.

This is a highly sensitive filter search that means many images will fail to be found unless you use very specific search terms. A more effective search should return any images that contains any part of the terms used in the search.

Thank you for your time.

Hi Joey,

Welcome to Prismic community, thank you for reporting this to us, we will try to reproduce the issue and get back to you.


Has your team been able to re-create the search issue?

I’ve been able to reproduce the issue and an issue has been created in our issue tracker and the dev team will look into it ASAP, we will reach to you once we have more info.