Search Images by name in Media Library

I have a need to be able to find specific images within my Media Library by filename. I would expect that if I search the full/exact filename in the Media Library search bar that the search would return that exact image. However when I try to do that it does not work. As a test, I can:

  1. manually navigate to Media Details page for an image
  2. copy the filename
  3. navigate back to the Media Library
  4. paste the filename directly into the Media Library search bar
  5. no image results are returned

Are there any tips or tricks for getting this to work? Is there a different/better way for finding images by image name? I know that you can add notes/keywords to an image’s Private Notes field which is searchable, but I always thought that the Prismic Media Library search also searched upon image names, and in my current use case adding notes to all of the images I need to find is not feasible.

This is similar to:

Hey @colin.baxter!

Yes there's a default way of browsing images at the moment, and that is, by adding extra metadata to each media file:

Then, please have a look at the Search and browse your media. section in this article: