Prismic CLI - Slice Machine commands fail with Err 502

All Prismic CLI sm commands fail with:
ERROR [SliceMachine/handleFrameworks] Unable to fetch manifests. Error code: 502

example: $ prismic sm --setup other CLI commands seem to work. Including login, init etc

  • I’m currently connected to a valid Prismic account via the login command.
  • Prismic-cli: 3.7.11
  • Node: 14.4.0

Edit: I receive the same error with prismic-cli@3.7.10

My guess is URLs are messed up in a config somewhere

I tested the CLI in 3.7.11 and don’t have any issue running a setup.
Do you have some error message or stacktrace? Or did you try another version of the CLI or another version of Node?

The error I receive is:
ERROR [SliceMachine/handleFrameworks] Unable to fetch manifests. Error code: 502

Same problem in CLI 3.7.11, 3.7.10, 3.7.9. Alpha and beta builds of the CLI won’t install give missing file errors.

I’ve not tried different versions of Node but I can. That said, its a 502 error (bad gateway) so I find it unlikely that a node version will change that. It’s also possible its a DNS caching issue somewhere.

I get that but I also tried various versions and I can’t manage to have the same issue so I’m trying to find any lead that could help me find out

Same errors with Node 14.4, 12.18.1, 10.21

What’s really odd is that Slice Machine setup, etc worked a week ago and I hadn’t made any changes to my environment before trying to trouble shot this issue.

Also I cleared DNS cache and completely changed DNS resolver

Exact same issue on a completely different machine.

Computer 1: Windows 10 WSL (Ubuntu 18.04) Node & Prismic CLI versions listed previously
Computer 2: Mac OS 10.15.5 Node 13.12.0, Prismic CLI 3.7.11

The only commonality is both machines are on the same network (that I control). But to make sure that wasn’t an issue, I used a VPN tunnel to completely bypass my local network. However, I still get the same issues on both machines.


We just pushed a fix for this, can you try again?

Yes it works for me now. Thanks @Phil!

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