Problem with login (captcha issue?)

Hi Prismic team

Some of our clients are having a problem logging into Prismic when they need to resolve a reCaptcha.

The problem is that the reCaptcha never loads.

I wrote a wrong password a few times and got this:

When this happens you have to wait a few minutes until you can try again without captcha.

Hello @finnursigu, thanks for letting us know about this. Which browser are you using and, have you tried another one?

Our team uses to text across different browsers/devices. Recently I've been unable to get past the login screen with the following message:

Last I checked I'm a human, but I'm unable to prove this in any way preventing me from being able to log in to test my website.

Any way to get around this?

Hi @mariusz

I will try to investigate this.

Usually, waiting for a few minutes would resolve the issue; if that doesn't work, I advise you to try using another network; this can happen when your network is emitting too many requests.

Also, can you please let us know your browser and its version? Your location can play a role as well.