Question about organizing images in Media Library

Hi all - Is there a way to organize the Media Library with subdirectories? I'm hoping to keep my assets, project images, and other site images organized - right now it is a bit of a jumble and its hard to differentiate images intended for different parts of the site.

If this is not possible with Prismic, is there a way I could incorporate something like references to S3 directories into my Prismic repo for different templated pages, and store my images there? I'm using Prismic for a Gatsby app, hoping not to complicate the data flow too much but it would be great to have a way to group my images.


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This is a topic we've broadly discussed before. Please take a look at this related thread

You can show your support for the idea by liking the original thread that is now being followed as an open feature request.

Thank you!

Hi Paulina, thanks for pointing me to this thread, hope they add it soon. Do you know if anybody has discussed or come up with any workarounds for this in the meantime, or a way of incorporating a third party media storage with folders into a Prismic / Gatsby project workflow?

Well, a workaround that I can think of (that isn't very user friendly) would be to create a sort of directory structure outside of Prismic where you could add the links to the files served by the Prismic CDN.

So basically, grab the URLs of the files, like:,format and then separate them to your liking.

But again I imagine this being uncomfortable in terms of UX. I'd still recommend to use the Private notes and the search bar instead.

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