Rename or Remove Slices (Shared Slices) already pushed to prismic


We saw in this thread (SliceMachine - Improvements for Dev-Workflow) that you haven't implemented yet the flow to delete or rename an slice that has been already pushed to Prismic.

Do you have an idea of when are you going to have this in place, we are in the developing process to include slices in the current project. This means that we already push slices that we don't want in our final solution and the same for some of them where we need to change the name.

We are using slice machine with storybook and slice builder to push the slices to prismic.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Juan,

There's no ETA on when this will be implemented. We have begun discussing it more so if/when we have an update on the situation we'll update you here.

I'm reaching out to the team to get more info on this.


Hi Phil,

Thanks for the update, we are looking forward on the release of this feature. Meanwhile I wonder if it is possible for you to - on a one time basis - remove a number of slices that we don't need. This allows us to start with a clean sheet before we actually release this on our end.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, when discussing the subject of renaming/removing slices can you also include into the discussion that the vue-essentials-library isn't always implemented. As far as I can tell there are always slices in the prismic repo in the tab "from slicemachine", but I have not included vue-essentials in my code as a slices library so I suppose they won't work then but can be chosen in the repo. It would be cleaner only to show the slices that are intended to be an available slice. Hope this adds to the discussion. Thank you!

Hi @esthersijbenga,

Welcome to the community!

This is a really good point, there are specific reasons that these Slices appear there for the moment, whether they are installed or not. Though I can see how this can make the screen cluttered and/or confusing if you don't have the library installed. In the future we would like it to behave as you've described, though it's not something we're working on at the moment.

I'm going to bring this up with the team and find out what exactly the future is for how this library will be presented. I'll update you here once I know more.


Hi Juan,
sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately I haven’t yet found a solution for this problem.
I’ll let you know as soon as I know more.
Thanks for reaching out to me.
Best regards

Thanks for the information David.

As a workaround we are working now with environments in prismic and when we saw that there is an error in the definition of the slice we resync the environment (with this action we remove all the shared slices) and then we can push them again.

Waiting for the final solution. thanks.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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Hi Everyone,

The team has planned to work in the current sprint to enable deletions and updates etc.

Although for now, you can use the Custom Types API to perform those actions:

This postman collection might help with testing that API:

Let me know if you have any questions.