Request: Nested or grouped repeatable content within slices

+1 for us as well, we're jumping ship from and this would make it a lot simpler

Is there any news on this? Any ETA? I understand that Prismic has great potential but how can i convince a client that Prismic is better than Wordpress if then the client can't do the basic stuff he can do in the old wordpress fashioned way, like creating an easy nested menu with 2 or 3 levels without having to mess around with warkarounds, content type, slice, ecc ec ecc? :neutral_face:


I'd also love an update on this. Restructuring the way we had laid our website out in Forestry to fit the fact that Prismic lacks nested grouping has been a frustrating process.

I'm sure I won't be the only one of Forestry's ex-customers shopping around for a new CMS considering they are closing their doors towards the end of April. Having nested grouping like this would make the transition a lot easier for those looking to switch from Forestry, or really any other major CMS out there, and I imagine adding this feature in the near-term would be a great opportunity to attract former Forestry users.

Could we at least get an comment on what the Prismic team's thoughts about this are? Is the feature even being considered?

Thank you for your interest in the product and for taking the time to provide feedback.

While the feature is not currently in development, we appreciate all suggestions and will consider them for future updates. In the meantime, we understand the importance of having certain capabilities, so we recommend exploring any available workarounds or alternatives that may be useful for your needs. We will keep your request in mind as we continue to enhance the builder and strive to provide the best possible user experience.

So basically a very requested/needed feature, nor to say a standard in 2023 in almost all cms, is not a priority for Prismic. Like having a house without a door but hey, we have fancy windows. Really i don't understand modern companies who spend time enhancing only their appearance. Deeply, it's sad to say, Wordpress is far far ahead :man_shrugging:.


Just stumbled upon this and wanted to give my +1 for this feature request. Having repeatable elements inside a slice is very much needed for many use cases! Please consider implementing this :slight_smile: It's very limiting!


+1 to this feature.


+1 to this feature. Would simplify things a lot for our client, the CustomTypes-to-ContentRelationship is not very straightforward for the end user of the CMS :crying_cat_face:

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I too have found myself looking for the ability to use groups in repeatable zones in slices.

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