Request: Nested or grouped repeatable content within slices

Just an update for everyone. Nested groups or Slices have been a long-requested feature and we understand the need for it from your use cases.

We are currently reshaping the experience for developers to build Pages Types and Navigation Types (Headers, Footers etc..) in Slice Machine, and this topic is part of the things that we want to improve, although we do not plan to include this until we come up with the first versions of Navigation Types in Slice Machine.

Once we release Navigation Types in Slice Machine we'll move on to the other use cases we'll keep you all updated here.

Thank you for your patience and passion about getting these features out.


Thank you for the update @Phil . I think your community of followers/fans really just want to feel heard and know that their requests aren't falling on deaf ears. I'm sure our request is not a "simple fix" by any stretch otherwise it would have been done a while ago. Updates like this help us to know we're not holding our breath for no reason.

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+1 on nested content/lists.

And thanks to the Prismic team for keeping us updated!

+1 for this feature.

I'm loving slicemaching, which obviously emphasis utilising slices. But not being able to have multiple repeatable zones/groups in a slice is a drawback. Thanks to the Prismic team for the great support however!

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+1 for this feature :eyes:

@Phil Hi! Is there any ETA of when this feature will came out, at least, on beta Page Builder? Thanks!

+1 for this, it's the missing feature that holds me back using prismic on very large websites.

+1 Please implement this!

+1 Please implement this!

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