Shopify Collection not being returned from Shopify Integration

Hey Prismic,

I have some data inside Shopify belonging to a collection, but the collection is not returned to my React App. Inside my shopify_product object I get all the other data (such as handle or variants or whatever but it's missing collections it belongs to. Is this not being returned by Shopify / Prismic or am I missing something?

Checked the Shopify API docs on this and while it's not a 100% clear tbh I just feel it needs to be returned due to being able to have all the info?

Edit: As a sidenote, I checked on my private app settings inside the Shopify dashboard and it's allowing to return collections.

Hi Christian,

Thank you for reaching out to us, I will try to help you with this
I trying to test Shopify on my end to see if we include collections in your product JSON.

In fact I have created a Shopify App and It I dont't get the collection as well such as

I will check with the production team if we have any documentation about what exactly we fetch.

Best Fares,

In fact Integration field fetches all products for you using this endpoint

And the returned JSON looks like this:

But I think it would be good use case to have the collection id in each product where you can group by.

I will tag this thread as a feature request and send it to the @features-team.

Thanks for getting back Fares, much appreciated.

Thanks for looking into it. I currently faked it with setting up tags, but it adds another level of complexity to the client...

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