Shopify Products on Prismic are not in sync with Shopify

We are observing that from last week Prismic and shopify products are not in sync, we are missing some Shopify products in prismic searches.

  • At our end we made sure that we are setting right integration fields, and according to integration fields status it also syncing every 30 mins.
  • Also it was working perfectly fine from a long time now, so there must no shopify or config related issues.
  • Is there any other way to debug the issue?

Hi @saas1 ,

Your error sounds much like this bug that we identified, which should be rolling out a fix this week:


Hi Phil, Thanks for the response but i cant access this page

Tried all of it:

  • Its sending requests ( to Algolia )
  • With right integration configuration
  • no error logs

but got no result for few queries, btw those products are active on shopify and we are expecting them to be available at prismic.

My apologies; you should be able to see the page now. I'll keep you updated on the bug status.


Yes, we are having the exact same issue as this one.

OK, I'll let you know once the team has rolled out a fix for this :slight_smile:

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