Slice changes are saved, but UI stuck in saving mode

Since the last update of Slice Machine, whenever I click on Save model to filesystem the changes get saved, but the button stays in loading mode. As a work-around, I just refresh the page and can continue by pushing the changes to Prismic. Has anyone had the same issue and is there a solution?

Hello @peter2

Thanks for reaching out to us.

I am not experiencing the same behavior. Could you please share the screen recording and the latest version of the Slice Machine?



I am experiencing the same issue. I have renamed manually my slice and I see a loader even if my changes are saved locally. I have no trouble to push to Prismic.

Hey, just wanted to flag that I've been experiencing this for couple of months now but never reported it as I thought it was just my local machine.

About 90% of the time, I refresh the page after I click on the Save changes button so I can see the Push to Prismic button.

Hello Louise, modifying the Slice's names manually isn't supported. We're currently planning on developing a native functionality that will allow you to edit the name of each Slice. But for the moment, this isn't possible.

I think you replied to the wrong ticket. It's unrelated to the problem...

Hey @peter2, didn't mean to confuse your original post. I corrected it to refer to Louise Loisel's comment about renaming Slices.

@Pau - Thanks, has Prismic been able to reproduce the issue or better found the problem? It's not urgent though as the work around is easy to apply and doesn't have any side effects.

The loading button issue should be fixed by now. If you're still seeing it can you tell us which browser are you using?

@pau - I'm using Firefox - latest version